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We use our experience of designing and building functional, aesthetic independent and private gyms to turn your vision into a reality
Form & Function

Not Just For Aesthetics

Here at Swiss Strength, we believe that product function and aesthetics go hand in hand, which means we use our experience and expertise to ensure that the design of your gym maximises performance without compromising on atmosphere.

We also use our broad and peerless industry knowledge to analyse the types of training that both you and your clients enjoy to supply machines that will help them achieve their training goals.




We take a client-focused approach to gym design, which means that each facility is created with the members in mind. We believe that a gym is a community and that the design and build of that community, when done well, will allow it to flourish. Our facilities are places that people feel part of. Places that they want to come back to. Places that take them away from the daily grind.

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July 27, 2017

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